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Hinckley & Bosworth

Opening times:  Monday and Thursday 10am - 3pm.  

 Debt /  Hinckley & Bosworth

Opening times:  Monday & Thursday 10am - 3pm.

 Benefits /  Hinckley & Bosworth

Services provided:  Community living for those homeless - providing accommodation and work.  

 Housing /  Hinckley & Bosworth

Services provided:  Non-Emergency short term accommodation. Eligibility:  Suitable for people aged 16-24 without dependants.  

 Housing /  Hinckley & Bosworth

Services provided:  For individuals who wish to enhance their prospects by volunteering. Eligibility:  While open to everyone, the main target group has become adults with...

 Employment /  Hinckley & Bosworth

Services provided:  8 week Life Skills course offered, involving budgets and making money go further. Opening times: Courses run on Tuesday afternoons at 4pm.  

 Debt /  Hinckley & Bosworth