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Money Max Project Worker

What is your role at Citizens Advice LeicesterShire?

Money Max Project Worker 

What do you enjoy about giving advice at CitAL?

Making a difference to people’s lives especially those in poverty or struggling with personal circumstances, being able to support and address client issues and offer a warm and professional advice and support service. Things that can seem such small things can make a positive impact on a client’s welfare and wellbeing, sometimes just being listened to and valued is all that is needed.

What did you do prior to joining CitAL?

Archaeologist and academic (Commercial archaeology and PhD candidate) Also safeguarding with Leicestershire Police and a mental health professional many years ago.

Why do you work/ volunteer at CitAL?

I saw the post advertised and thought it would be a valuable and useful thing to assist people who were struggling to advocate for themselves. I had the prior experience and knowledge to understand client’s situations and to be able to risk assess and signpost as necessary. As an ex mental health professional I am experienced in understanding mental ill health and how that can impact a client globally, so I had those skills to offer to CA and the project I am employed on.

Is there anything you’ve done while volunteering / working with us that you’re particularly proud of?

Getting full benefit support for a young family who had the most incredible run of bad luck, it made a very tangible difference to their lives it stopped them descending into poverty and debt and allowed them breathing space and to get back on their feet. Also a successful complaint against the DWP for poor service and unreasonable demands on a client who did not have English as a first language. They were awarded full back benefits of nearly £3K.