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Volunteer testimonials

Ella is 24. She spent a year volunteering with Citizens Advice LeicesterShire before moving into a graduate job:

“I decided to volunteer at Citizens Advice to get involved with my local community and learn new skills. Before I started, my work experience was mostly in retail and customer service. My time as a volunteer allowed me to build my confidence and interact with new people, as well as gain experience that helped me to find work in a new sector.

“Being part of service that helps people with the problems they face was also very rewarding.

“My new job involves supporting the delivery of funding programmes, helping with admin, supporting research and helping to evaluate projects. Volunteering with Citizens Advice gave me the skills I need to do this job – I developed initiative, learned to work within a team, improved my communication skills and gained an eye for detail.

“Volunteering also strengthened my drive to work for an organisation that strives to make a difference.”