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Generalist Adviser

What is your role at Citizens Advice LeicesterShire?

Generalist Adviser 

What do you enjoy about giving advice at CitAL?

Supporting  people who  need help with a variety of issues and processes. Having worked for many years in a process driven sector, I did not always appreciate that many people struggle with forms , for example.  I’m happy to use my skills to help people navigate forms and processes that they find stressful to deal with.

What did you do prior to joining CitAL?

I was a Personnel/ Payroll  Manager in the 1980s in our family business. When I left the family business, I then progressed to HR Regional Operations Manager and HR Business Partner in the automotive sector. In the 10 years prior to my retirement, I worked as an HR Contractor, mostly as a change agent, where I would be required to work autonomously closing down organisations, managing redundancy programmes and/ or transferring employees to other sites.

Why do you work/ volunteer at CitAL?

I feel very grateful for the opportunities life has given me and I realise that there are many people who do need a helping hand with  lots of issues, in this fast paced society.